Monkey was in Sydney

i was surprised he wanna come AU in New year!
he moved my heart! >///<
thanks for accompanying~
we saw the splendid fireworks (even we had waited it for 17 hours..)
i couldn't believe we celebrate New Year together!
we went to Blue Mt. and Jenolan Cave~
it was bad weather, so we couldn't see anything in Blue Mt.
but i love Cave!
i hope we'll travel another countries together!! ^^

2012-09-27 共266張

Sydney with Jae ho!

looking around the City
we walked toooo much!
the weather was fucking hot~
we almost died...
we went to Blue Mt. and Koala Park next day~
the weather was too nice.. died again..
but we could see the great scenery!!
it was so happy to see my flatmate-Jaeho again!
ah~ i miss our apt-Riverview Gardens...

2010-01-20 共135張

New Zealand - Spectacular

go with my flatmate-Matt
he is a fucking funny guy!
so i got great memories~
i love Lake Tekapo, Milford Sound and Queenstown!
i love Nz''s weather and color~
cya next time~ beautiful New Zealand!

2010-01-26 共274張

Nate's graduation party

hey, pretty boy~
do u remember "sorry, sorry" ^^
we have lots of fantastic memories!
and i think...we r really good friends~
so.. Keep in touch!

2009-09-09 共37張

Johnny's house

we had a party bcz Johnny''s master went back his country~
we ate very very delicious Korean food which was made by Nate, Young and Johnny
and had fun there~
i like chatting with friends,
his house has great view~
i love that! ^^

2009-09-09 共28張

pray in the church

Terence and I went to Church of Christ
i tried to know why they believe Jesus
and feel where God is...
friendly people and gorgeous tea time

we went to Anzac park, Botanic garden and Starbucks
it was really relaxing...

2009-09-09 共5張

Oil and i - City

we looked around Botanic garden, QUT and Riverside
Oil is a photo queen!
we took 200 pictures in 4 hours.........
hey~ my dear sis, Oil, we should enjoy the happy life~ OK? ^~^

2009-09-09 共172張

Sam's farewell party

we had a party in Beach House and Korean BBQ restaurant
so much beer and soju...
this was for Sam! Cheers~~~

2009-09-09 共26張

Sunshine Coast - Noosa

we met soooo early~
bcz we''ll take train and bus for 3 hours..
Finally we saw the beach!
the waves were great!
we enjoyed body surfing~
and played sand (and Sam) XD

2009-09-09 共71張

Viva Party 4

wow... i already attended 4 times Viva parties!
and also i''ve been living Brisbane for 4 months!
i think this time is the final time~
bcz most of classmates already graduated from Viva...
i''ll remember the time we drank and danced together!

2009-09-09 共8張

Antique shops

Oil, Raphael, Leslie and I went to Antique shops!
i was really into playing the woman who was wearing vintage cloth and living in ancient times...
thx~ my friends~
i had nice trip and took plenty of fantastic pictures! ^~^

2009-09-09 共174張

08.02~08.12 my life

since i broke my camera~ my memory had also gone.........
my sister brought it back to Taiwan to fix~
so... i just have some pictures which r from my friends to remind me those days!

2009-09-09 共16張

Ice skatting

it''s my first time to try ice skatting!!
so exiting!
i remember the most funny sentence was from Johnny!
he already tried ice skatting twice in Korea~
he said: i thought i''m good at ice skatting!!
YES, he use "thought"
funny guy!

2009-08-22 共47張

Daniel, Oil, Yoann's party

when they started the party,
i was accompanying my sister to buy the souvenirs!
so we were late~
we went to Roma park~ and had a nice time!Fucking French~ ur name is there!

2009-08-22 共55張

Mathew's goodbye party

Mathew was going back Korea
he cook very delicious beef, chicken and rice for us!
we played games, who is out of luck one?
haha~ i think it's Chan's partner! kkk

goodbye my lovely classmate!
i''ll miss u~

2009-08-19 共14張


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