Beauty manisfests itself everywhere the trails lead to.
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Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Alas! Safe and sound at Manang airstrip

Alas! Safe and sound at Manang airstrip

Believe me! Having flown on a mountain plane like this, you will not get the slightest thrill from any roller-coaster ride anymore. The little house to the right is the customs.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Unloading


More than half of the cabin was taken up by goods, including rice, food, clothes and God-knows-what.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Guesthouse near Manang airstrip

Guesthouse near Manang airstrip

Here I enjoyed the first hot meal--noodle soup--before walking up to the monastery, about 3700m above sea level.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:The monastery

The monastery

I was supposed to stay here for a couple of days until the next plane came. What if it didn't come at all? Well, let it be.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Wandering clouds

Wandering clouds

Clouds fly by as they please. Just enjoy their visits.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Annapurna in front of the monastery

Annapurna in front of the monastery

One of the TOP 10 on the earth. It stands more than 8000 metres above sea level.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:In back of the monastery

In back of the monastery

More than enough space for me to wander about.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Meditation Centre

Meditation Centre

Stone huts for retreats are scattered across this rocky area. They are usually left empty during the long chilly winter.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Horses--great companions

Horses--great companions

The horses raised by the monastery are indispensable to travelling or transporting goods in the remote mountains.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Bad-tempered companion

Bad-tempered companion

Amitabha! She didn't kick me off on the rides up and down to God-knows-where.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Life in the monastery

Life in the monastery

The kids were playing carrom, a popular board game with plastic/wood counters/coins. I was so impressed by it that I bought one as soon as I returned to Kathmandu, giving it to Nihwa as a present. We played together sometimes. Kids are definitely masters of games!

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:In the kitchen of the monastery-1

In the kitchen of the monastery-1

It was so cold outside that everybody enjoyed staying in the kitchen before going to bed. The young man squatting at the big stove was the cook. To speak fairly, he's done a great job, turning each meal into a surprise.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:In the kitchen of the monastery-2

In the kitchen of the monastery-2

Humm... this is how smoked meat is made? The meat, supply for the whole snow season, was carried here all the way from Kathmandu.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:In the kitchen of the monastery-3

In the kitchen of the monastery-3

Aha! Got you here! It's bedtime already.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Outside the kitchen

Outside the kitchen

Early in the morning, the bull couldn't wait to enjoy the meal.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Firewood outside the kitchen

Firewood outside the kitchen

keeping warm is desperately important in the long winter. Before the first snow kisses the ground, all the preparations have to be made. Large piles of firewood guarantee a safer winter. Sometimes the younger kids are forced to sleep in the kitchen due to extreme cold.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Where's the toilet? Everywhere!

Where's the toilet? Everywhere!

In answer to my silly question is a surprise. Admit it! This is exactly how our forefathers relieved their natural call. I didn't go that far as to take everywhere a personal loo. This corner, right behind the short stone wall, was one of my favourite "sites."

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Picnic-1


When it comes to picnic, the kids are actually veterans. They brought all the things necessary for a decent picnic from the monastery down to the field.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Picnic-2


Look at the two brave young men! The bone-biting winds were sweeping all the time.

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Picnic-3


OK, buddies! Time for lunch!

Trekking in Nepal, Dec 2003:Picnic-4


Look at the boy squatting eating. He's really got the style.


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