14-16.07.2010 London and FSP GB Ltd

On 14.7.2010 I went to London for an interview with FSP GB Ltd for my dissertation. I tried my best to restrict my budget. £4 one-way ticket*2 (ManchesterLondon), £12%2Fnight one bed in Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel*2 (it''s terrible!!!), £9.20 outbound-return ticket (Euston-Watford Junction-Park Street), Walk to Buckingham Palace and nearby Royal parks (e.g., Green Park, St

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26.6.2010 Day Visit to North Wales

I attended a day visit to North Wales host by International Society with Li Na, Gan Wen, Song Xiao-yu, Chi Meng-yao, and their flatmates and friends. They took us to Anglesey? Parys Mountain (mine, copper), ...

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12.6.2010 World Cup England(1) vs. USA(1)

Sonya booked 4 tickets to watch matches on big screens in Hyundai Fan Park. She invited me and Saulius. It started at 7.30pm in Manchester. English people are really crazy about football games. But they are really crazy about alcohol and fights after they go drunk as well ...... The English don''t have good manner at all. People in front of me blocked my line of sight. Those who behind me sprin

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17.5.2010 Paris

17.5.2010 University of Sorbonne (Paris)

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16.5.2010 Paris

16.5.2010 I walked along Seine through several museums (e.g., Musee de Louvre, Dorsay, ...) to Notre Dame alone, met James Anderson, and had an interesting and exciting experience ''a Paris.''

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15.5.2010 Paris

15.5.2010 Coach Departure to Paris

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14.5.2010 Brussels

14.5.2010 Presentation at Hotel Bedford (Brussels)

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13.5.2010 Bruges

13.5.2010 Bruges Tour

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12.5.2010 Brussels

12.5.2010 Belgian Technical Cooperation (Brussels)

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11.5.2010 Brussels

11.5.2010 European Commission (Brussels)

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10.5.2010 Brussels

10.5.2010 Belgian National Bank (Brussels)

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9.5.2010 Departure to Brussels

Brussels and Paris fieldwork trip

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Night life

Restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.

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German Christmas Market in the city centre

Before Christmas. I heard that it''s called German market. But there are groceries not only German but also from other European countries.

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A Lithuanian concert

A Lithuanian band performed in Revolution (a famous bar or club? on the Oxford Road) in 10:00p.m.~1:00a.m., 24.2.2010.

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