Mar 4 2008

Lindsay''s Just Living La Vida Lohan
Lindsay Lohan ducked out of Hyde last night with her two favorite accessories: a bottle of water and a new man friend. Her hard-partying ways seem to have taken a turn for the more obvious in 2008, and her antics are back to being fairly bizarre, like this Thursday''s photo exhibit about her tattoos.

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Mar 3 2008

Lindsay Invites You Into Her Mystical World of Tattoos
Lindsay Lohan showed off the many ways to wear leggings in LA this weekend, from a night out on the town to a smoothie run. She kept herself pretty covered up, which means we didn''t get to see any of those tattoos, but never fear ??LL is planning a special event dedicated to her ink.

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Feb 29 2008

Lindsay Lohan Sticks With the Familiar
Lindsay Lohan spent her Thursday shopping around LA in her mini skirt. Guess she''s not going to let her fears of unemployment get in the way of her extravagant spending habits.

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Feb 28 2008

Lindsay Lohan: Out of Work Actor and Not Loving It
Who wears short shorts. Lindsay Lohan wears short shorts.

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Feb 28 2008

Lindsay Proves That Sex Still Sells
Fresh off her trip to Milan for Fashion Week, Lindsay Lohan broke out her denim cutoffs to take full advantage of the sunshine in LA yesterday. LL is back to the daily grind after making a splash with her nude photos last week, but the execs over at New York Magazine are probably still patting themselves on the back.

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Feb 21 2008

Lohan and Fergie Hit Milan Fashion Week
Feb 21 2008 - 9:23am As expected, Lindsay Lohan was front and center at Milan Fashion Week today posing for all the cameras before taking her front-row place at the Dolce & Gabbana show while her girl Samantha Ronson DJed.

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Feb 22 2008

Lindsay Lohan continued her stint in Milan for Fashion Week partying the night away after yesterday''s Dolce & Gabbana runway show. Her trip to Italy will keep the starlet far from all of the Oscar festivities, but she''s still making movie deals during her time abroad. LL has just signed on to star in Ye Olde Times, a comedy with Jack Black about rival Renaissance Faires. We doubt this will send L

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Feb 21 2008

Lindsay Lohan tried to go undercover at the airport yesterday, perhaps because she was leaving LAX with her once BFF Samantha Ronson.

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Feb 20 2008

Lindsay Lohan didn''t look so happy to see the paparazzi outside The Ivy yesterday (sigh, why go there if you don''t want it), though it''s not exactly like she''s been shying away from publicity recently.

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Feb 19 2008

Lindsay Lohan''s Still Strutting Her Stuff
Lindsay Lohan had no problem showing off her assets in her low cut/super short little number at the Italia-Film Fashion & Art Fest in LA on Sunday. Of course, she was still a lot more covered up than what we saw in her racy spread for New York Magazine.

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Feb 16 2008

Lindsay Lohan Lunches
Lindsay Lohan tried to hide out at the Ivy restaurant on Robertson. Obviously that is not the place to enjoy a nice quiet paparazzi-free meal. Los Angeles, California - 15.02.08 02-16-08 West Hollywood, CA Actress Lindsay Lohan steps out in West Hollywood, CA... 02-16-08 West Hollywood, CA Actress LINDSAY LOHAN seen leaving the ''Cafe Med'' in West Hollywood... 229173 Source

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Feb 15 2008

Lindsay Aims High With Leo and Adrian
Lindsay kept a low profile for awhile, but these days the starlet is regressing. LL spent Tuesday night trying to score a Valentine''s Day date, only she was clearly out of her league.

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Feb 14 2008

Fancy Femme Fatales Enjoy Fendi Fete
The Rodeo Drive Fendi store underwent a redesign and threw a little party to celebrate it in LA last night bringing out starlets, a pregnant model and one person whose dress matched the scenery. Lindsay Lohan looked older than her 21 years (not anything new) in her asset-enhancing dress while Mandy Moore went with something a little more loose-fitting to go w

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Feb 12 2008

Lindsay Lohan went heavy on the bronzer and blush to run around LA doing "errands" (read: being photographed) yesterday afternoon. Ah LL, it feels like your shenanigans never left.

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Feb 11 2008

Clive Davis helped kick off the Grammys with his annual pre-show party on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton in LA. The appearance of the night was, of course, Whitney Houston who looked fabulous on the red carpet and with her wardrobe change inside.

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