Mar 31 2008

Lindsay Lohan was showing off — or kind of hiding, whatever — her newly blond again hair out grocery shopping with Samantha Ronson in LA yesterday. It feels like we just stopped gushing about how happy we were to have her darker locks back and now platinum it is — dare I even mention the wish that she get back to her natural red.

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Mar 28 2008

Lindsay Lohan took her love of leggings to new heights (literally) pairing them with a skin tight tube top for some shopping, Red Bull and cigarettes in LA with Samantha Ronson yesterday. Beyond her sometimes interesting fashion, LL supposedly made another questionable movie choice.

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Mar 27 2008

Lindsay Lohan is back in LA and just doing what she does best — shopping and spending time with friends.

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Mar 25 2008

Despite a difficult situation on the East Coast grandparent front — sick grandfather, grandmother in a car accident — Lindsay Lohan was back from her NY trip and showing off that bod in a skintight dress around LA yesterday.

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Mar 21 2008

Linday Lohan wasn''t looking her happiest as she made her way around NYC yesterday.

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Mar 20 2008

After being back in LA for a week, Lindsay Lohan is off again and this time she''s taking her frequent traveling partner Samantha Ronson with her. The twosome were spotted hopping on a private plane at the Santa Monica airport but flying isn’t the only thing these two are sharing these days.

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Mar 17 2008

It was a busy weekend for Lindsay who kicked things off by taking over hosting duties for Britney at the Scandinavian Style Mansion on Friday night. LL also partied on Saturday after running around town in her favorite leggings.

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Mar 12 2008

After a fun-filled week in NYC, it was back to the West Coast for Lindsay Lohan yesterday. She may have a questionable circle of friends waiting for her in LA, but her family never passes up an opportunity to remind us of how hungry they are for fame as well.

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Mar 11 2008

The Lohan sisters were looking more alike than ever grabbing dinner at the Kobe Club in NYC last night. We''re a little worried about the fate of Ali Lohan as a starlet, but we''d rather see Lindsay spending time with her sister than out partying with her friends.

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Mar 10 2008

Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend shopping her way through NYC. She may not have many acting gigs lined up right now, but she''s still managed to keep her face all over the magazines, from Glamour to Paper to New York Magazine.

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Mar 7 2008

Lindsay''s sour face matched her dark outfit out around NYC today.

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Mar 7 2008

Lindsay Lohan separated herself from the other ladies Living Lohan Ali and Dina for lunch at Bar Pitti yesterday before her big tattoo/photography show.

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Mar 6 2008

Lindsay Lohan arrived in NYC yesterday just in time for tonight''s big tattoo show extravaganza (who''s excited?) and quickly caught up with the other two ladies Lohan — Dina and Ali

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Mar 5 2008

Lindsay Lohan Steps In For Britney, Scandinavian Style
Prior to stopping traffic with the signs on her skirt, Lindsay Lohan spent yesterday afternoon shopping for jewelry at XIV Karat in LA. At the Paper magazine luncheon Lindsay talked to ET about how "everybody should be who they are" and her plans to travel to Sierra Leone with malaria vaccinations, but before that there are parties to throw

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Mar 4 2008

Lindsay''s Just Living La Vida Lohan
Mar 4 2008 - 4:21pm Lindsay Lohan ducked out of Hyde last night with her two favorite accessories: a bottle of water and a new man friend.

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