Apr 30 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson had another hoodie fabulous afternoon of shopping in LA yesterday.

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Apr 29 2008

After a weekend of bouncing around from Chicago to Vegas and back to LA with Samantha, Lindsay and her favorite girl were out shopping at Fred Segal yesterday before going to get their nails done.

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Apr 24 2008

Lindsay Lohan was in good spirits leaving lunch at La Scala in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. It was a rare moment without Samantha by her side or leggings on her, um, legs.

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Apr 23 2008

Lindsay Lohan and her leggings were back in LA yesterday after her wild weekend in NYC. Her public drinking raised more than a few eyebrows on Saturday night, but unfortunately that isn''t where LL''s drama ended.

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Apr 21 2008

Lindsay Lohan is definitely Samantha Ronson''s biggest, and most dedicated fan. LL''s been back to hanging out at all of Samantha''s gigs in LA recently, and this weekend the blond duo hopped across the country to NYC to see Sam''s spin at Hawaiian Tropic Zone on Saturday.

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Apr 18 2008

Lindsay was unsurprisingly swarmed by fans and paparazzi while grabbing a little lunch at her not-so-secret lunch spot Joan''s on Third yesterday. Unfazed by the crowd, LL went about her business talking on the phone while being escorted out by the police.

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Apr 17 2008

While Lindsay has finally added jeans back into her wardrobe (so long leggings) there are a few things that never seem to change. LL was spotted at the hair salon for the second time in as many days, leaving with a slightly less wavy ''do yesterday afternoon.

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Apr 16 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson stopped by Joan''s on Third for lunch yesterday (where Sam donated money to Jerry''s Kids!) before heading off once again to get LL''s hair done at Neil George. While we may not all think Samantha is a good influence on Lindsay, I think we can all agree that the Lohan parents are a bit of a mess.

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Apr 14 2008

Lindsay Lohan is keeping busy these days between trips to the Neil George Salon and hitting the town with friends, but apparently she''s having trouble penciling time with her grandparents into her packed schedule. We thought she visited her sick and hurt grandparents over Easter, but Michael Lohan is reopening his divorce case against Dina because the kids haven''t seen his parents and she doe

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Apr 11 2008

Lindsay Lohan stuck to all black hitting up the Neil George Salon before heading to Villa on Wednesday. Just another day checking up on her favorite places in LA, but it won''t be long before LL gets back to her acting career.

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Apr 9 2008

Another day, another round of shopping for Lindsay Lohan

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Apr 7 2008

Lindsay Lohan was a busy little bee this weekend. After a quick jaunt to NYC to film her spot in N.E.R.D.''s new video, she quickly hit California running with Samantha by her side.

2008-04-08 共14張

Apr 4 2008

Lindsay Lohan (in her leggings, as usual!) was back to her favorite activity, shopping, yesterday. The starlet has been pretty much dividing her time between her two homes lately, taking frequent trips to NYC to work on her new album.

2008-04-08 共11張

Apr 2 2008

Lindsay Lohan flashed a smirk out in LA last night while people at home watching TMZ TV got a little April Fool''s laugh courtesy of the starlet. Check out the video after the jump, but she made a surprise appearance on the show mocking herself, her love of leggings, and people''s interest in the mundane goings on in the celebrity world.

2008-04-08 共5張

Apr 1 2008

Lindsay Lohan was still Little Miss Goldilocks out around town with, who else, Samantha Ronson yesterday. Keeping it all in the celebrity family circle, Sam was sporting a hoodie from Joel and Benji Madden''s clothing line DCMA Collective.

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