May 29 2008

After spending Tuesday night with her family in NYC, Lindsay Lohan was back to doing what she does best: shopping. Yesterday she was joined by her sister, Samantha Ronson, and Samantha''s mother, the British socialite Ann Dexter-Jones.

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May 28 2008

Lindsay Lohan looked happy to be back with her family in NYC last night after her trip to Cannes with Samantha. The photos from her trip turned a few heads, since she and Samantha were looking particularly cozy, and yesterday we were hearing that Michael basically confirmed they are an item.

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May 27 2008

Divine Dresses At D&G Do
This weekend saw more Cannes activity, including a fabulous Dolce & Gabbana party that saw familiar and new celebs to the Film Festival walking the swirly carpet to be photographed. Lindsay Lohan had reporters buzzing after showing up wearing a sparkler on her engagement finger, Rose McGowan had to accessorise with her large plastercast after she broke her leg, an

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May 26 2008

Lindsay Lohan is still in Cannes living it up like an A-lister while her family is about to debut their D-list reality show. She must have wanted to stay out of their spotlight so she''s chilling at the Eden Roc hotel pool.

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May 23 2008

Between Lindsay''s barely there appearance on the Ugly Betty season finale and the premiere of Living Lohan on Monday, this is a Memorial Day weekend to remember for the Lohan family. Apparently LL didn''t want to be around the states to celebrate, because she and Samantha landed in Cannes yesterday.

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May 20 2008

Lindsay Lohan was advertising those leggings at lunch with Samantha and later at Neil George hair salon on Monday.

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May 19 2008

Lindsay Lohan continued to bask in the gorgeous LA weather in her bikini at a friends'' pool soirée on Saturday after running some errands. Speaking of parties, Lindsay''s 22nd birthday is still a month and a half away but the starlet is already in planning mode — even setting up a website looking for sponsors for the bash.

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May 15 2008

Lindsay Lohan looks stunning in short shorts as she goes shopping in Los Angeles. Lindsay was picked up by a friend on a gorgeous summers day in LA and wore an outfit that was sure to keep her cool on a hot day.

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May 13 2008

Lindsay Lohan continued her French sightseeing tour with Samantha by her side in Paris today, hitting a few stores and stopping by the Carroussel du Louvres. After that it was onto a Fornarina fashion show party, which LL might have confused with an underwear only party.

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May 12 2008

Lindsay Lohan had quite the busy — and bizarre — weekend around LA. Between shopping and clubbing, LL spent Friday afternoon doing a photoshoot for her new line of leggings.

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May 8 2008

Lindsay rewarded her weekend of hard work on the set of Ugly Betty with dinner at Magnolia with Samantha Ronson in LA last night. She''s not even trying to stay away from Hollywood nightlife these days, but at least she''s balancing her partying with hard work, and not just on the small screen.

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May 7 2008

Lindsay Lohan may not have had a normal high school experience, but she''s getting ready to go back to gym class in the season finale of Ugly Betty. Here''s a first look at LL in her guest-starring role, which involves an already hilarious-looking flashback to a high school scene when Lindsay was the class mean girl who

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May 7 2008

There''s no such thing as a quiet week for Lindsay Lohan. Between the Dina mom of the year headlines and the story of her stealing some girl''s fur coat from a party (she returned it) it''s always hard to avoid the negative Lohan news of the day.

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May 6 2008

After a productive weekend working on Ugly Betty, Lindsay Lohan was back out with Samantha Ronson yesterday. While Lindsay enjoys her LA life, back in her native LI, Dina is the Lohan making headlines.

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May 5 2008

Lindsay Lohan looked very happy to be back to acting again on the set of Ugly Betty on Saturday. Sounds like she''s taking the gig very seriously and even showed up 45 minutes early, proving she learned something from her irresponsible Georgia Rule days.

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