Jun 20 2008

It''s a rare thing these days to see a celebrity''s stomach and not hear speculation about a baby bump, but if there''s one tummy that won''t start a rumor it must be Lindsay Lohan''s. She flaunted her toned abs yesterday on the LA set of Labor Pains, proving that the bump she sports in the film is totally fake.

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Jun 19 2008

Lindsay Lohan took a Coke and smoke break while filming Labor Pains in LA yesterday. LL has been getting praise for her hard work on the movie, but she turned down an opportunity to get recognized for her role on the Ugly Betty finale.

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Jun 17 2008

Lindsay Lohan looked happy to be back on the set of Labor Pains on Monday and even finding time to squeeze in some shoe shopping during her lunch break. It sounds like things are going well on the set, and the movie''s producer Lati Grobman is even singing LL''s praises.

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Jun 13 2008

Between her fake baby bump and now getting right to the make-out scenes, Lindsay Lohan is really throwing herself into her first week of work on Labor Pains. The best part is how cute and happy she looks back in the acting zone.

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Jun 12 2008

Just three days into filming and Lindsay Lohan''s already sporting a fake baby bump on the set of Labor Pains. In the movie, LL plays a girl who pretends to be pregnant to get out of being fired, but hopefully Linds won''t have to resort to that to keep her role in this project.

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Jun 11 2008

Lindsay Lohan proved her acting range on the set of Labor Pains yesterday, showing off her smiles and scowls. When she hasn''t been on the set, it''s been nothing but happy times for LL and Samantha and their friends, as the media continues to speculate about their relationship.

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Jun 10 2008

So, on this side of the pond Lily Allen has Mark Ronson as a BFF, but over in the US the Ronson du jour is Mark''s sister Samantha, who seems to be almost surgically attached to a certain Lindsay Lohan.

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Jun 9 2008

As expected, Lindsay Lohan got to work on Labor Pains in LA today, and she didn''t even have to change out of her leggings.

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Jun 8 2008

Lindsay Lohan kept herself busy with a whole lot of relaxation for her last weekend before getting to work on the set of Labor Pains today. She poured herself into a tight little dress and vest for her errands around town on Friday before prancing around in some very very short shorts and high heels.

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Jun 6 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson took their black jeans and prominent roots for a little stop at the Hermes boutique in LA yesterday. Mmm, sounds like the right kind of shopping trip.

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Jun 5 2008

Lindsay Lohan spent another night playing groupie as Samantha Ronson showed off her spinning skills at two different parties. First on the agenda was G-Star LA Raw Night, where LL made small talk with Dennis Hopper before the ladies continued their night of work and play at a N.E.R.D.

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Jun 4 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson did some more grocery shopping yesterday with a late night trip to Mayfair Market. Seeing the duo''s domesticity is second nature now especially since they''ve been hanging out with Samantha''s mom and Sam took care of LL when she was sick.

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Jun 3 2008

While across the country her parents prepared for a day in court, Lindsay Lohan spent her Monday night out at Matsuhisa with Samantha Ronson and Tuesday lunch on Robertson in some neon pink. Meanwhile, Michael and Dina were back battling it out over custody issues, though afterwards they both claimed to be done talking about it to the press.

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Jun 2 2008

The MTV Movie Awards took place on Sunday night in Los Angeles, with a massive cavalcade of stars taking to the stage and watching the action from the stalls. Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr and Ben Stiller are my new favourite triple act, as they fooled around outside and onstage promoting Tropic

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May 30 2008

It was back to the Neil George Salon in LA for Lindsay Lohan yesterday after her trips to Cannes and New York. While she was gone she missed out on her special guest appearance on Ugly Betty as well as the big premiere of Living Lohan, and apparently a lot of her fans followed her example.

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