Sat, 12/22/2007

Lohan Doesn''t Understand The Jamie Lynn Fuss
Lindsay Lohan left her pants at home out in Beverly Hills on Friday grabbing some last minute holiday presents at a jewelry story before lunch at La Scala. None of the usual suspects were by her side and she wasn''t clutching her Ariva anti-smoking lozenges we''re used to seeing these days. Despite rumors that she is getting paid to hold the product whi

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Thu, 12/20/2007

Lohan Gets A Head Start On Her New Year''s Resolutions
Lindsay Lohan spent another day hard at work on her community service in Pomona before high tailing it back to LA for dinner with a friend (but not her new BFF or rumored BF) at Madeo. On her way out she was clutching her Ariva lozenges, which supposedly curbs your appetite for cigarettes. So I guess Lindsay is kicking one of her final bad ha

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Wed, 12/19/2007

Lohan''s Got a Brand New BFF
It''s been a few weeks since we''ve seen Lindsay Lohan with her once-BFF Samantha Ronson, and apparently LL''s found herself a brand new sidekick. She grabbed some lunch at La Scala on Monday with Courtenay Semel, who you may remember from the reality show about rich kids at a cattle ranch. Courtenay''s daddy is Terry Semel, the Hollywood big-shot who most recently was th

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Dec 15,2007

LL gets coffee
Malibu, CA Actress LINDSAY LOHAN shopping at the luxury boutique ''Madison'' in Malibu.

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Dec 12,2007

What does a typical Wednesday look like for Lohan? Lots of shopping and loooots of wardrobe changes to keep the photos interesting for her fawning paparazzi, of course. She looks a little freaky in that skull shirt, no? Yesterday she was spotted whipping out the cash to pay for her purchases at American Rag before stepping it up a notch with a stop off at Hermes. She took a break from shopping fo

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Dec 11,2007

Lindsay in Jeans and Recording Studio
Lindsay Lohan, back in blue jeans for the first time since early November (you know, not that I''m counting), stopped off for her daily fix of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with her assistant yesterday. She was without her maybe new gentleman caller, but she did spend another day hard at work on her new album. But, yuck, she was working on it with none other than fa

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Dec 10,2007

Lohan''s Lips Don''t Stay Vacant for Long
Lindsay Lohan bounced from the recording studio (hard at work on that new album already) to the bagel place to Urth Cafe for coffee in the afternoon yesterday. She wasn''t looking as cute as she did over the weekend, but she did manage to vary her accessories from place to place. Perhaps LL''s weekend had a little bit of excitement after all. TMZ has video o

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Dec 9 ,2007

Another weekend of watching Lindsay and nothing happening. She substituted her hard partying ways with salon outings, and we really couldn''t be prouder of Ms LL. They always say it''s common to substitute one addiction with another and in this case it''s all about her high maintenance hair. Those long extensions need some serious care but in this case maybe it''s worth it.

One other new thing LL

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Friday,Dec 7,2007

Lindsay Lohan spent her Friday looking perfectly gorgeous grabbing coffee and then overly accessorized at the hair salon (again, really?)

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Wed, Dec 5,2007

LL Is All Blonde In Black
Lindsay Lohan was out for another delicious (yum) dinner at Koi last night looking straight out of an ''80s music video. All that black and leather, such a bad ass. You were loving Lindsay''s super glam commercial look yesterday, so is this one doing it for you too? If the rumors are true and she''s back to hanging out with Stavros, he certainly wasn''t by her side last nig

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Nov 27,2007

Lindsay Just Says No to Video
Lindsay was looking cozy yesterday pre-hair-salon where she cleaned up her beautiful and completely unnecessary extensions

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Nov 28 2007

Lindsay Is Nobody''s Angel
After getting her hair done, Lindsay was off to watch the Lakers play in LA last night.

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Nov 29,2007

LL Continues Her Walk Down Pre-Rehab Memory Lane
Lindsay and her leggings were reunited yesterday but not for long

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Nov 30,2007

Lindsay Kicks Mooching Riley to the Curb
We were just saying how Riley Giles was on the way out, and now we hear she kicked him to the curb right after Thanksgiving in NY

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Saturday,1 December,2007

Lindsay Lohan Is Not So Coy at Koi
Lindsay Lohan put on a pretty smile and some shiny pants for dinner out at Koi on Friday after the world learned she''s once again single

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