Fri, 01/18/2008

Lindsay Lohan traded in her usual black leggings for some lacy white ones in another monochromatic ensemble on Robertson yesterday. Sure her day-to-day looks are pretty one-note these days, but girlfriend turned it out in her skin tight black number (and b*tchface) at Wednesday''s Cloverfield premiere. Yesterday LL even had reason to celebrate on her favorite retail street. Her deposition regardin

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Thu, 01/17/2008

Before making her triumphant return to the red carpet at the premiere of Cloverfield last night, Lindsay Lohan spent the day grabbing lunch and hitting the salon to primp for the big event. She wasn''t quite ready for any interviews, but her fellow party-goers were happy to weigh in on her presence. Both Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt mentioned how much they''d like to meet her, while Kristin Caval

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Wed, 01/16/2008

Lindsay Lohan was very very sneaky with her dark wig on her way into traffic school in Santa Monica yesterday. I barely even know it''s her...or something. I''ll tell you what, though, if she really wanted to throw off the paparazzi (which she obviously didn''t) she should have worn a) color and b) real pants. It looks like you all are overwhelmingly ready for Lohan to ditch the long blond locks, so

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Tue, 01/15/2008

Lindsay Lohan was out again with that mystery man everyone is buzzing about to shop at Dior and lunch in LA yesterday. As usual, she kept her outfit colors muted up against her platinum extensions and she poured herself into those beloved leggings, which no doubt played a part on landing her on Mr. Blackwell''s worst dressed list last week. The black legwear wasn''t LL''s only security blanket yeste

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Jan 11 2008

Lindsay Lohan continues to think that tights and high boots seem to qualify as pants. The starlet was spotted taking a break from her community service at the Red Cross center in LA yesterday. She seems to be able to find a lot of time to break while serving her community. Lohan''s legal troubles are piling up so it''s a good thing she is trying to stay on track since she got back from her whirlwin

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Wed, 01/09/2008

Lindsay Lohan traded in her leggings for some knee-high socks and a pretty hot leather jacket on her way into a studio yesterday in LA. It must have been a roller coaster day for the starlet when the news broke that the busboy suing her for that 2005 car accident finally dropped the case...only to learn that he didn''t after all. Plus, there''s another lawsuit on her plate coming from the ex-person

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Tue, 01/08/2008

Lindsay Lohan trotted back from her Italian adventure and straight to working away at that community service in Pomona California. I wonder if she regaled her Red Cross friends with stories of all her overseas gentlemen callers. Ugh, maybe it would be wise for Linds to stay away from the big mouthed men for a while while she gets herself back on track. Then again maybe she needs a more rigid sele

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Mon, 01/07/2008

Welcome to the latest story in the world of Lindsay Lohan''s sexcapades. The starlet arrived back in the states on Saturday after her eventful trip to Italy. During her time abroad, LL managed to slip right back into her old ways by falling off the wagon and wh*ring it up with three guys. In what feels like a typical move, one of Lindsay''s suitors couldn''t help but open his mouth. Alessandro diNun

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Jan 3,2008

Lindsay Lohan hopped over from Capri to Rome and wasted no time hitting up the stores for the finer things Italy has to offer, despite rumors that she's kinda strapped for cash these days. Of course, the real Lindsay news is her big NYE slip-up — ICYMI, the starlet was totally drinking from the champagne bottle on NYE. Most of you think that Lindsay's headed for trouble. As for us, we're hoping that the combination of the holidays and the excitement of being abroad were what got to Lindsay, because it would be really sad to see her spinning out of control again.

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Tue, 01/01/2008

Lindsay and Hayden partying it up in Capri reminds us of those horrifying pictures of a young Hayden pole dancing with Paris Hilton. While Hayden looked like she was going to remain wholesome and Lindsay appeared to be staying sober, those days may be long gone. Not only has Hayden''s relationship with the much older Milo become public, LL looks to be back on the partying scene big time. After Lin

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Dec 31 2007

Lindsay Lohan''s Triple Italian Delight
Lindsay Lohan is certainly taking advantage of her access to Italian men this week. As soon as she landed in Capri last week she wasted no time cozying up the first waiter she set her eyes on, Alessandro Di Nunzio (seen here), exchanging numbers before meeting up to dine and make out on Friday night. The next day, however, he was nothing more than a delight

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Mon, 12/31/2007

Lindsay Lohan was honored this weekend at the 12th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival for her amazing work in film. Clearly they missed out on all the other shocking LL headlines and amazing photos as evidence which most of us were following. Maybe this honor will help LL continue her good girl stride and have her concentrate more on those great performances we remember like Freak

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Fri, 12/28/2007

From lugging her LV through JFK straight to picking up some Prada in Capri, there''s no rest for the blonde Lindsay Lohan. Fresh off her Christmas on Long Island, LL arrived in Capri, Italy to attend the 12th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival, but before hitting the red carpet she had some important shopping to do, obviously. The best part is, she''s not just in town to attend the

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Dec 27,2007

Lindsay Lohan finished up putting in the quality family time on Long Island yesterday, but not before helping her littlest sibling Cody get himself a new cell phone. Texting is obviously an important part of that family bond. From there, it was off to JFK for Lindsay with her LV luggage rolling behind. She seems to have gotten a freshened up blonde dye job since Christmas, but I do wish that seei

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Dec 26,2007

Lindsay Lohan once again went east to celebrate the holidays with her family on Long Island. Of course, her trip was complete with frequent trips into Manhattan for shopping purposes, but Christmas was all about taking breaks from the fam for text messages and cigarettes on the porch. So much for those antismoking lozenges, eh? At least she honored the holiday by wearing her special festive (and

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