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【Circular Line】All stations on West Section 拍攝日期Shooting date: 大坪林~景平(Dapinglin~Jingping):2020.03.13 板橋~新北產業園區(Banqiao~New Taipei Industrial Park):2020.03.27 板橋站補充照片(Extra photos of Banqiao Sta.):2020.04.10 拍攝地點Location:全線各站 All stations 本相簿中的照片使用於介紹環狀線的文章,請至文章觀看各照片的說明。 照片是分次拍攝,請參考上方記載之拍攝日期。 Most photos in this album are used in my articles (written in Chinese); check them for descriptions to the photos if you can read Chinese.

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【Sanying Line】1 to 1 scale model of the train carriage 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.12.16~17 拍攝地點Location:捷運環狀線板橋站南側人行道 Sidewalk at the south side of Banqiao Station, MRT Circular Line 展覽日期Exhibition date:~2020.01.15 費用Fare:免費Free 環狀線與三鶯線列車皆由日立軌道義大利製造,因此兩者的車廂十分相像,在環狀線通車前,可以在這個模型車體驗一下內裝。 車內比較悶,易感不適者需要注意。 Both of the trains of MRT Circular Line and MRT Sanying Line are produced by Hitachi Rail Italy S.p.A., so they are pretty similar. Anyone are welcome to enjoy the newest subway trains with the model before the new MRT line commences service.

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【Circular Line】View of construction sites in summer end, 2019 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2019.08.14~15 拍攝地點Location:環狀線第一階段全線 Along the whole line of MRT Circular Line(Stage 1) 此相簿中的照片使用於三篇日誌文章《〔環狀線〕2019夏末工程景:大坪林→景平》、《〔環狀線〕2019夏末工程景:景安→板新》、《〔環狀線〕2019夏末工程景:板橋→新北產業園區》中。 之前其他的捷運環狀線工程照片,請至相簿「捷運環狀線沿線」觀看。 Some photos in this album are shown in my articles on my blog. For other photos of MRT Circular Line construction sites taken before 2019, please check the album named ‘MRT Circular Line (Under construction).’

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【Wanda-Shulin Line】Construction sites from CKS Memorial Hall to Jiala Sta. 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.03.02 拍攝地點Location:南海路Nanhai Rd.、萬大路Wanda Rd. 由於萬大線全線皆在地下,因此從地面上,目前仍難以看出明顯的捷運設施(出口等)。 Currently, almost no any MRT facilities, such as exit, can be identified when walking along construction sites because Wanda-Shulin Line is going to be an underground subway line.

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【Kaohsiung LRT】Construction sites from LRT Shoushan Park sta. to Gushan District Office Sta. 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.02.16~17 拍攝地點Location:輕軌鼓山區公所站LRT Gushan District Office Sta.、輕軌文武聖殿站LRT Wenwu Temple、新樂街Xinle St.、輕軌壽山公園站LRT Shoushan Park Sta.、天空雲台Sky Balcony 鼓山區公所站~壽山公園站屬於高雄輕軌第二階段工程,目前仍在施工中,預計夏天完工。 These stations are three of stations on Kaohsiung LRT Second Stage. They are under construction and expected to be ready for operation in summer, 2019.

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【TRA】Fengshan Station 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.02.16 拍攝地點Location:台鐵鳳山站TRA Fengshan Sta. 鳳山站屬於屏東線,是為二等站。 本相簿之相片係鐵路地下化啟用後拍攝,臨時站的照片請至「【台鐵TRA】左營、高雄、鳳山地上車站」觀看。 Fengshan Sta. is a second class station on Pingdong Line. I took these photos on a day after Kaohsiung Railway Underground Project finished and new railway station has been in use. For the view of former station architecture, check the album ‘【TRA】Zouying, Kaohsiung and Fengshan Station (above ground station structures).’

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【TRA】Minzu Sta. & Science and Technology Museum Sta. 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.02.15~16 拍攝地點Location:台鐵民族站TRA Minzu Sta.、台鐵科工館站TRA Science and Technology Museum Sta. 民族站與科工館站都是台鐵地下化新設置的車站。 民族站是在白天拍攝;科工館站是在夜間拍攝。 Both of two stations are new stations which were built because of Kaohsiung Railway Underground Project. Photos of Minzu Sta. were taken during daytime; those of TRA Science and Technology Museum Sta. were taken at night.

2019-02-20 共54張


【TRA】Museum of Fine Arts Sta.~Outside Gishan Sta. 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.02.15 拍攝地點Location:台鐵美術館站TRA Museum of Fine Arts Sta.、台鐵鼓山站出口Exit of TRA Gishan Sta.、翠華路Cueihua Rd.、鐵路街20巷Lane 20, Tielu St. 美術館站與鼓山站都是台鐵地下化新設置的車站。 本相簿中的照片是筆者從美術館站出站後,沿著翠華路步行至鼓山站時拍攝,不包含鼓山站站內景象。 Photos in this album were taken when I alighted at TRA Museum of Fine Arts Sta. and took a walk to TRA Gishan Sta. through Cueihua Rd. I didn’t walk into Gishan Sta.

2019-02-21 共56張


【Danhai LRT】Hongshulin~Kanding 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2019.01.19 拍攝地點Location:輕軌綠山線沿線及藍海線「台北海洋大學站」 All stations on LRT Green Mountain Line & ‘Taipei Univ. of Marine Technology Station’ on Blue Sea Line 淡海輕軌綠山線已於2018年12中旬通車,由新北捷運公司營運。 往淡水漁人碼頭的路段屬於藍海線,預計2019年年末通車營運。 Danhai LRT, which belongs to New Taipei Metro, has being running since 2018.12. The section connecting to ‘Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Station’ is a part of Blue Sea Line, which is still under construction now and expected to be in use in the end of 2019.

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【TRA】Zouying, Kaohsiung and Fengshan Station (above ground station structures) 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2018.08.19 拍攝地點Location:如標題所示 As title says 拍攝當日為陰雨日That day was cloudy and rainy. 紀錄鐵路地下化前的車站景象,晴天的紀錄影像在網路上一定可以找到不少,但因天,甚至飄著毛毛細雨的樣子,應該就不多資料了吧,所以私認為這本相簿的價值不會因為沒有藍天白雲而減損。 Station views in this album are the former station buildings before underground railway in use.

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【Kaohsiung LRT】Penglai Pier-2~Hamasen 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2018.08.18 拍攝地點Location:駁二蓬萊Penglai Pier-2 Sta.、哈瑪星站Hamasen Sta.、臨海新路Linhaisin Rd.、壽山公園~鼓山區公所站工程景Construction sites between Shoushan Park and Gushan Dist. Office Station 拍攝當日為陰雨日That day was cloudy and rainy. 壽山公園~鼓山區公所站是第二階段的工程範圍,目前已可見車站樣貌。 Shoushan Park, Wunwushen Temple and Gushan Dist. Office stations are involved in phase Ⅱ of LRT system. Platforms and canopies can be seen now.

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【Luzhou Depot】Visiting activity in summer, 2018 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2018.08.11 拍攝地點Location:捷運蘆洲站MRT Luzhou Sta.、捷運蘆洲機廠Luzhou Depot 蘆洲機廠常態「不開放」民眾進入,此次為台北捷運公司舉辦的參觀活動,18年夏天共有兩個梯次,8月11日與8月18日。 相片中的人物除了官方人員外,眼部皆有模糊處理,若有疑慮或其他建議,歡迎於相片下方留言或粉專私訊筆者。 Everyone ‘cannot’ enter the MRT deport with permission. This time, I took part in a visiting activity hold by TRTC. People’s eyes in all photos are blurred except for officials’, if you have any hesitations about photos, leave comments below photos or send a message through FB fan page.

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【Danhai LRT】Construction Site of Green Mountain Line (2018.02) 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2018.02.12 拍攝地點Location:輕軌綠山線沿線 LRT Green Mountain Line 淡海輕軌綠山線預計於2018年底完工,目前已經可見各車站的月台遮棚以及部分車站的出入口。 工程仍在持續。 The construction work of LRT Green Mountain Line (Danhai LRT) is expected to be finished in the end of 2018. Now, not only steel columns of every stations’ canopies have been installed, but also exits of some stations. Construction work is continued recently.

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【TRA】Near Fugang Deport: Xinfu Sta. 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2017.09.08 拍攝地點Location:台鐵新富站 TRA Xinfu Station 新富車站位於桃園市楊梅,台鐵富岡基地旁,原本是提供台鐵員工上班的簡易月台,經過整建,於2017年9月6日啟用,成為客運車站。 Located in Taoyuan, near Taiwan Railway Fugang Deport, Xinfu Station used to be a simply constructed platform for employees of TRA. After being renovating, it opened to local residents from 2017.09.06, becoming a real station.

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【Kaohsiung LRT】Cruise Terminal~Dayi Pier-2 拍攝日期Shooting Date:2017.07.07 拍攝地點Location:旅運中心站~駁二大義站之間各站Stations between Cruise Terminal Sta. and Dayi Pier-2 Sta.、駁二蓬萊、哈瑪星站施工現場Construction sites of Penglai Pier-2 and Hamasen Station 目前旅運中心站~駁二大義站間已經營運,而駁二蓬萊、哈瑪星站仍在施工中,預計9月底營運。 LRT station C1~C12 have opened to public. Penglai Pier-2 and Hamasen Station will be still under construction until September.

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