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〔Photo Gallery〕Fort Provintia 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.26 拍攝地點Location:普羅民遮城Fort Provintia、蓬壺書院Penghu Tutorial Academy 票價Fare:全票Adults/50 NTD;半票Discount for students, polices, and the elderly/25 NTD 筆者前往時,赤崁樓園區內有一部份正在進行「普羅民遮城及其相關遺址的挖掘作業」,因此無法進入,只能登上赤崁樓後向下俯瞰。 當時時值中午,並未看到有人員在考古場地中工作。 When I was there at noon, a large part of park area were closed because of an archeology survey: Excavation of Fort Provintia and relative sites. I didn’t see any workers working when I overlooked from the second floor of Chihkan Tower.

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〔Photo Gallery〕Blueprint Culture and Creative Park 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.26 拍攝地點Location:園區內 In the park 藍晒圖文創園區原本是第一司法新村,2015年底轉型成為文創園區,園區內分為旗艦區、微型文創工作室、園方自營園區三個區域。 園區最大的特色是建築牆上的彩繪──一面牆就是一張畫布,晚上打燈後又別有一番景緻,隨處可見合影留念的旅人。 This park area was ‘First New Village for Judicial Officers’ Families’ before 2015.12 when the park opened. The most well-known characteristic here must be several big paintings on the wall: one wall is one canvas. When colorful lights being turned on at night, it becomes another fantastic world like in a fairytale.

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〔Photo Gallery〕Snail Lane 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.26 拍攝地點Location:永福路二段81巷、西門路二段136巷、民生路一段157巷、中正路138巷等 Lane 81, Yongfu Rd. Sec. 2/ Lane 136, Ximen Rd. Sec. 2/ Lane 157, Minsheng Rd. Sec. 1/ Lane 138, Zhongzheng Rd. / etc. 蝸牛巷位於台南市中西區,由數條巷弄組成,巷弄內有不少造景──尤其是一隻隻造型各異的蝸牛,遊客們很容易就可以找到理想的拍攝場景。 Snail Lane is a new tourist attraction in Tainan. Actually, it’s ‘snail Lanes,’ an area including a few lanes. Many eye-catching scenes are set at different corners, all of them are best to be taken photos with.

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〔Photo Gallery〕Tainan Art Museum 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.24 拍攝地點Location:台南美術館一館、二館 Tainan Art Museum 1st Building and 2nd Building 一館的建築在日治時期作為「臺南警察署」辦公之用,經過修復,於西元2018年10月17日開始試營運,並於2019年1月27日與二館同時正式開放。 二館地由石昭永建築師及日本坂茂建築設計事務所共同設計,共設置17間展覽室。 The 1st Building was used as ‘Tainan Police Agency’ in Japanese Colonial Period. After being renovated, it begins to open to public since 2019.01.19 as a new city art museum. 【這本相簿的相片附有註解】 【Annotations are under each photos.】

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【TNAM 1st Building】Look Into the Building: Exhibition on the Restoration of Former Tainan Police Agency 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.24 拍攝地點Location:二樓展覽室I、J /Exhibition room I & J on the 2nd floor 展覽日期Exhibition date:2018.10.17~2019.12.31 費用Fare:免費Free 本展覽展出曾作為「臺南警察署」(日治時期)的台南美術館一館的部分建築構件(實物),例如門、屋瓦、建築藍圖等等,解說看板及影片同時說明了建築維護的過程。 In this exhibition, some building elements, such as doors, roof tiles, and blueprints, were displayed. All of them were collected form the structure where visitors in: Tainan Arts Museum 1st Building.

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【NMTL】ANNE × AMA—girls under fire in WWⅡ 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.24 拍攝地點Location:Exhibition room C展覽室C 展覽日期Exhibition date:2019.04.11~08.18 費用Fare:免費Free 本展覽是由國立臺灣文學館與婦女救援基金會共同舉辦,展示二次大戰期間,《安妮日記》的作者安妮˙法蘭克與戰爭時台灣籍慰安婦的經歷與訪談影片。 展場中依隔間、布置形成不同空間,並有一些是模擬場景,例如書櫃暗門、餐桌等等,光線較暗,營造出較為沉重的氛圍。 NMTL and Taipei Women\'s Rescue Foundation worked together to give audiences this special exhibition. Introduction and videos about Anne Frank and Taiwanese comfort women in WWⅡ were shown here.

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〔Photo Gallery〕National Museum of Taiwan Literature 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.24 拍攝地點Location:正門館外Outside the museum around main gate、一樓迴廊Corridor at 1st floor、一樓藝文大廳Main Hall at 1st floor 面對湯德章公園,此建築原為日治時期台南州廳與台南市役所辦公樓,二次大戰中曾遭美軍炸彈擊中。 於西元1997年~2002年之間,由國立成功大學建築系帶領進行建築修復;2007年,正式成立臺灣文學館。 In front of Tang Te-chang Memorial Park, this building was used as the office of Tainan Prefectural Hall and Tainan City Hall in the Japanese Colonial Period. During WWⅡ, it was attacked by bombs from USAF. The museum opens to citizens since 2007.

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〔Photo Gallery〕Former Tainan Surface Observing Station & Uguisu Restaurant 拍攝日期Shooting date: 2019.05.24 拍攝地點Location:如標題所述As the title says 「原台南測候所」位於中央氣象局南區氣象中心旁,建成於西元1898年,是當時台灣五座氣象測候所之一。建築物位於台南市區的最高處,建築總高度約為12公尺,是日治時期台南的地標。 鶯料理位於原台南測候所西側,是日治時期的名日本料理餐廳,經整建後,目前開放參觀。 兩處皆免費參觀。 With a 12-meter-tall structure, Former Tainan Surface Observing Station was built in 1898 and was one of five surface observing stations in Japanese Colonial Period. No any ticket fares is needed for this two places.

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